• Engen Ngwenya MTB 2018

    Entries open: 1st Apr 2018

    Entries close: 5th Jul 2018

On the 7th of July 2018 we will be hosting our 8th annual Ngwenya Mountain Bike Challenge, last year we hosted over 250 hardy cyclists, and hope fully this year they will be back to savour the trails of Swazilands highest altitude one day Mountain Bike Challenge. Swaziland is a mountain bikers dream, with the most amazing scenery and diverse array of possible routes at many different altitudes. Due to our race being at high altitude it is great for high altitude training for other longer events and races. So get training! We have not been idle throughout the year and have found some new single track and Kia track to improve and keep the route fresh! Like both our Facebook pages to keep updated.

70km Marathon

Start time: 08:00
entry fee: R310.00

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41.5km Classic

Start time: 09:00
entry fee: R230.00

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20km Family Ride

Start time: 09:15
entry fee: R160.00

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7km Kiddies Ride

Start time: 09:30
entry fee: R50.00

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Event Information

Health & Safety

There will be Ambulance services provided on route and at the Start – Finish area for you safety.

We would recommend cyclists carry plasters and a foil emergency blanket, carrying a cell phone in a waterproof bag is also recommended. If you are allergic to bee-stings, we recommend you carry your antihistamine with you, as there are bees throughout the forest.

We will have the necessary medical support for the event in place on the day to ensure your safety in the event of an accident, please try not to use them. If you do come across a fellow cyclist in difficulty report the incident to the next marshal or call the emergency numbers provided.



The weather is likely to be cold early in the morning so please come prepared with the required kit, layering is recommended as it should warm up through the day. Sun screen should be applied throughout the day


Trail Condition

Our route covers a large range of trail conditions and riders should be prepared for this. There is a high likely hood of frost at the start and extreme care should be taken when crossing bridges. There are sections of loose sharp rocks so adequate care should be taken to ensure tyres are not damaged and your race cut short.


Water and Rivers

There will be adequate water provided for refills at the water points, riders should carry enough water so see them through the first 12 km and then refill when required, drinking from the rivers and streams is strongly advised against.


Water Points

There will be 3 water points available to the 72km riders at 26km, 51km and 62km.

There will be 3 water points for the 42km riders at 17.5km, 23km and 34km

There will be 1 water point for the 20km riders at 12km


Respect for Landowners

All competitors are asked to respect that without the support of the various landowners and local communities through which this race passes, with our there support this event would not be possible. Please show your appreciation for this whenever possible.  Smoking or any fire making on course, particularly in the Forest, is strictly forbidden for obvious reasons.

Please be extremely sensitive to livestock and children on the route thought the community areas

The forests we ride through are working forests and all operation and vehicles have right of way.


Bike Supply Shop 

Adventure Sport runs a basic bike supply shop is located at the Start with tyres, tubes, patch & solution and other relative products.  It is always best to bring your own spare kit.


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